Round and Soft Training Leash Elk Petit

The Round and Soft Elk Petit leash is a three-length adjustable leash has been designed especially for small dogs. It is lightweight and supple, and offers smaller dogs fantastic wearing comfort. Leashes for large dogs can be too heavy for small breeds of dog, as in the end the leash can weigh down on the collar. This leash weighs very little and provides relief for your dog’s sensitive neck area. The leash is made of supple elk leather, which is given rounded stitching and conceals a core consisting of a nylon inlay which lends the leash additional strength. Even the particularly light and small rings and carabiners are carefully incorporated - as you would expect for a typical quality Hunter product. Notice: Sometimes the colour may rub off slightly.

Measurements: length (max). 200cm, width 0.8cm