No Bark Collar

Dog barking driving you or your neighbours bananas? The Pavlov Digital 'No Bark' Collar combines the latest technology with tried and tested learning techniques, to provide an easy to use and effective solution for noisy dogs. This cruelty-free anti-bark collar is available in two sizes. 

The Pavlov Digital No Bark Collar has a choice of 3 settings; sound, vibration or sound & vibration combined, this allows you to select the most appropriate programme for your dog. It’s super lightweight at only 38g, available in two sizes, padded for extra comfort and has a smooth, easy-to-wear surface.

Created by the experts at Company of Animals, the Pavlov Digital No Bark Collar automatically responds to your dog’s barking. The 'Anti-Bark' programme was developed to achieve the best results; it listens to how often your dog barks and automatically adjusts the response.

Smart digital technology means the collar only listens to dog barking; ignoring other noises like door banging. The microphone is also set to detect barking in very close proximity, so it only responds to the dog who is wearing the anti-bark collar. This innovative technology also means that the collar reacts extremely quickly, for more effective results.