Orbee-Tuff Sport "Tennis" Ball


Game, Set, WOOF! The Orbee-Tuff® Tennis Ball is perfect for the sports enthusiast. Any 4-legged player will serve an easy ace with these doggie-durable tennis balls. The Tennis Ball size matches the original, but the Orbee-Tuff® materials makes it much safer on dogs’ teeth. The Tennis Ball fits perfectly in ball throwers. Or, try it stuffed with yummy eats for an interactive treat-dispensing toy. Flavored with natural mint oil, these dog toys will also help freshen your dog's breath as they bite.

Size: Fits a ball thrower, 70mm

5 out of 5 the Planet Dog Chew-O-Meter. Suitable for aggressive chewers.


– Fits ball throwers
– Eco-friendly
– Non-toxic
– 100% Manufacturers Guarantee
– Made in USA


One size (7.5cm)


The BEST guarantee. Since the first Planet Dog toy sold in 1997, every product they make is 100% guaranteed. Any time. Every time.
– If it is chewed, return it.
– If it is destroyed, return it.
– If it doesn’t fit, return it.
– If the dog doesn’t like it, return it.