Outdoor All Weather Dog Bed (Unfilled) - Hibiscus

These Mr Soft Top outdoor beds are waterproof and UV resistant.  Perfect for around the pool, on the deck or under a shady tree on the lawn in summer.  

Closed with a hidden zip you can remove the inner and wash the cover in the machine.  Bed includes a waterproof inner cover.

Please Note:  Bed is sent not stuffed.  Beds will take around 30 litres of beans for small, 50 litres for medium and 100 litres for large.

Available in four sizes the measurements are approximately:

Small: 80cm (31.5") x 60cm (23.5")

Medium: 90cm (35.5") x 75cm (29.5")

Large: 110cm (43") x 100 cm (39")

Extra Large:  140cm (47") x 110cm (43")