St Argo Collar


Please measure your dog's neck before purchasing a collar. Use a measuring tape around your pup's neck and ensure you have 2 fingers under the tape when measuring to ensure that the fit is not too tight.


S Dimensions:

Width: 1cm (0.4 inches)

1st Hole starts at 22 cm (8.66 inches)

5th hole ends at 28 cm (11 inches)


M Dimensions:

Width: 1.5cm (0.6 inches)

1st Hole starts at 28 cm (11 inches)

5th Hole starts at 37 cm (14.56 inches)


L Dimensions:

Width: 2cm (0.8 inches)

1st Hole starts at 37 cm (14.56 inches)

5th Hole ends at 48 cm (18.89 inches)



St Argo's vegan leather can be treated as regular leather. Keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods to preserve the colour.

We recommend wiping your collar dry after contact with water to avoid colour fading.

We do not recommend wearing this collar for extended periods in the ocean. Whilst the vegan leather is water-resistant, the salt-water may cause damage to the hardware.